Prints Charming: Tights and Socks

Words:Kirsty Wareing
Images: Craft and Culture
October 12 2016 / top picks

Grey skies often have us reaching for all-black ensembles, but occasionally we want to inject some color and whimsy. Colorful tights and socks are the perfect way to add a vibrant splash to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

BZR’s ombre tights are hand dyed in a variety of colors, and have an opaque appearance at 50 denier. Made in Seattle, they have a fitting grungy vibe and each pair is unique.

With these pineapple socks from Strathcona, we can almost pretend that it’s still summer. A pale blue background and beautiful artistic print adorns the pair, made in Canada and the USA.

Colorful flowers and cute avocados. Why wouldn’t you want those on your feet? A black base is accented with tropical fruits and vibrant flowers, perfect for putting a spring in your step.

Beautifully illustrated birds embellish these knee-high silky socks. Printed in the USA, they have a luxurious vintage feel that’s the perfect finish to any outfit.

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