Meet the Maker – Artist Noelia Towers

Boldly feminist and provocatively beautiful, Noelia Towers’ art commands your attention. Chicago-based but raised in Barcelona, the 24-year-old painter imbues each piece with her sense.

October 17 2016 / Uncategorized

Sorcha O’Raghallaigh by Ellen Rogers

We just had to share these stunning photos by Ellen Rogers of Sorcha O'Raghallaigh's designs, from the current issue of.

November 06 2012 / artist

Hendrik.Lou knits

We've just launched hendrik.lou knits and we're blown away by both the beauty of the product and artistry of the.

November 04 2012 / editorials

Witches of another kind

Happy Halloween! We've compiled our favorite witches and magic women for your enjoyment. India Salvor Menuez photographed by Elisabet Davids.

October 31 2012 / editorials

Out and about

We've been spotting C&C designers and their pieces out and about all over the place! Here's the round up. Ora's.

October 28 2012 / Fashion

Shop Updates!

New collections and artists coming every week to Craft & Culture! We just launched the new collection by Meghann Sommer.

October 24 2012 / Fashion

Kria’s Cod Collection II

This unbelievable series featuring the new Kria collection has us completely locked in anticipation. It launches at the end of.

October 22 2012 / Designers

From Iceland to Paris!

We've got new pieces in the shop from two of the coolest locations on earth! Helicopter from Iceland and Mimilamour.

October 20 2012 / Designers

find of the day/Meagan Fredette of Latterstyle

We've long been fans of Meagan Fredette who blogs at Latterstyle. Her style really is out of this world; her.

October 17 2012 / Fashion

Designers We Love/Ziska Zun

Harpa Einarsdottir is a major source of inspiration for us this Fall. Something of a renaissance woman - an illustrator,.

October 15 2012 / Fashion

Ora Bags F/W on C&C

Ora bags are made by hand from luxurious materials one by one. Randi Obenauer is the designer and crafts person.

October 12 2012 / editorials
Good Night Day by Tara-Lynn Morrison

Good Night Day by Tara-Lynn Morrison

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Fall is just beginning. After a gorgeous summer you might dread making the seasonal transition.

October 10 2012 / accessories, apparel, artists, Uncategorized

Designers We Love/Sorcha O’Raghallaigh

If you aren't yet familiar with Sorcha O'Raghallaigh, prepare to be amazed. Her otherworldly designs have  vintage and witchy qualities, in.

October 10 2012 / Designers

Genevieve Savard on Craft & Culture

Genevieve Savard's stunning hand made bags have launched on Craft & Culture! The multi-talented artist lives and makes in Montreal.

October 07 2012 / Designers
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