Introducing Rad Gals!

August 05 2013 / Designers

We are beyond excited to share Rad Gals, our newest series on Craft & Culture. Rad Gals is inspired by powerful creative women with great style and a knack for getting things done.

For this series, we got together with photographer Elizabeth Rudge and selected 5 creative Seattle women who embody what Craft & Culture is all about: pursuing a life of passion, beauty and the unique. They each picked out their favorite apparel, jewelry and accessories from craftandculture.com and we visited them in their homes to try things on, explore their style, talk about creative paths and mix in the Craft & Culture pieces with their own space and wardrobe. I sat down with each of these women to talk about their aesthetics, values and what drives them. As they tried on pieces, mixed new jewelry in with family heirlooms and debated which of shoes would go best with the dress, they also talked to their children, rearranged flowers, canned vegetables and shared their spaces and lives while Elizabeth documented the experience. This is what we found so gratifying, beautiful and important about the series. By visually telling the stories of these women who integrate creativity into their home, work and wardrobe, ‘Rad Gals’ shows a range of great style and inspiration outside of the mainstream.

Theresa Crim is our first Rad Gal. The choreographer turned curator runs a multi-use gallery called Land Management in the bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. She is helping bring many of the region’s emerging design talents into sharp focus within a larger landscape. Theresa picked out pieces from Jade Mellor, Ilana Kohn and other Craft & Culture designers to mix in with her classic wardrobe and beautiful home.


Follow Theresa on Tumblr here and check out portfolios
Photos by Elizabeth Rudge: http://www.elizabethrudge.com
Makeup by Kaija Mistral: http://kaijamistralmakeup.com
A new Rad Gal will launch every two weeks!