find of the day/Sophie Monet

find of the day/Sophie Monet

August 08 2011 / Uncategorized

I think Sophie Monet describes her inspiration and her line brilliantly:

“I have created a series of contemporary wood jewelry made through a sculptural thought process instilled with the ambience of the natural environment as a material influence. Each piece is hand shaped using exotic wood, precious stones, and gold leaf from around the world. These materials are especially unique and rare, making each piece one of a kind.

My jewelry is a synthesis of my life. The wood represents Los Angeles and what I was surrounded by growing up. Whether it be palm trees that line the streets from Venice to Santa Monica or my close family bonds, and the wood shop I spent my childhood in. The gold and stone represent my entry into independence in New York. The urban mountains continue to be a source of my inspiration,shaping the growth of my knowledge. Together these elements make up Sophie Monet Jewelry. I synthesize and sculpt the materials that surround me, bringing natural elements into different contexts.” – Sophie Monet

Oh, and obviously her look-books are incredible..