find of the day/HANNA felting

find of the day/HANNA felting

January 04 2012 / apparel, artists, wearable art

HANNA felting is another amazing company birthed in and uniquely of, Iceland. (Why is Iceland so incredible!?) HANNA is a proponent of slow clothing, using natural resources and handicraft to create an object or garment inevitably embedded with cultural heritage.

HANNA understands in the most essential way that nature is the company’s most important asset.

“The freshness and quality of each HANNA felting item is derived from the designer’s unique way of processing Icelandic lamb’s wool, straight from the free-grazing sheep in the mountains and fjords of Iceland.” –Hanna

The process begins with hand-picked lamb’s wool, combining silk and cotton to create a soft, unique texture. Artisans in the Icelandic village of Seydisfjördur create everything by hand.