Darker my Love

February 04 2013 / editorials

We’ve been busy getting all ready for Valentine’s Day and we’re kicking it off with our newest look book ‘Darker my Love’ featuring Hopeless Lingerie. Hopeless comes from Down Under and is made one by one with love by Gabrielle Adamidis in Melbourne. She’s a pretty incredible lady and has attracted a cult following for her provocative, wearable pieces. Drawing inspiration from horror movies, architecture and modern art, Gabrielle is never short on ideas. In this latest collection, she indulged in fetish-inspired pieces  resulting in the perfect harnesses. They can be worn under or over clothes! We’re head over heels for Hopeless because we’ve seen and felt how incredible these pieces are in person. To help share them with you, we created this look book with our rad team here in Seattle. Shop Hopeless here.

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