Hunter Gatherer on C&C

January 08 2013 / Designers

There’s a new line on Craft and Culture that feels so right for the New Year. If you’re looking to get back to the roots, Hunter Gatherer by Laura Prieto-Velasco might just be the thing. Beautiful, bare, and raw, these pieces have a natural feel that brings the notion of adornment full circle. Cast twigs and branches are layered to create primitive symbols while remaining completely urban and in step with modern details.

Firestarter Layered Twig Necklace


Humboldt Park Two Finger Ring in Bronze

hg_03bDeer Twig Necklace

hg_10aWindshield Tinted Glass Earrings

HG_studio_materials3 HG_studio_workbench5HG_collection_objects1 HG_collection_objects2 HG_Laura_5