Back in Stock on C&C!


A few favorite styles have just come back around and you’re the first to know!

Fail jewelry is made by Christine Fail in Austin, Texas where she also runs her own beautifully curated retail space called Schatzelein. Christine is a master metalsmith who creates each piece with an anvil and hammer. New pieces from her latest collection are also coming soon – think labradorite.


Elaine Ho is a jeweler out of Montreal who has collaborate with some of our favorite artists including Audrey Cantwell of Ovate. She brings the magic to the everyday in wearable but undeniably extraordinary pieces. Enter the Antler Earring in sterling silver. It can be worn both on the bottom of the ear and create a cuff-like casing around the ear’s outer edge OR up on the cartilage. Limited quantity. Only $70. Also – make sure you get your one of a kind two finger quartz ring before they’re gone!


And then, of course, one of our all-time favorite pieces from one of our all-time favorite artists, the Valhalla Hooded Sweatshirt by Ovate is back in stock. Oversized hood, long sleeves and the perfect drape. Join the cult and never look back. Photo of Audrey by Yuli Sato.